Music Schedule


Thursday| JULY 6

6 pm - 9 pm : Hooligans

Friday | JULY 7

6:30 pm - 8:15 pm : Barbarossa Brothers

9 pm - 11 pm : Brett Mitchell & the Giant Ghost

Saturday| JULY 8

1 pm - 2 pm : Bobby Manila

3:30 pm - 4 pm : Emma Guzman (TENT)

4 pm - 4:30 pm : Sami Mei  (TENT)

4:30 pm - 6 pm : Barbarossa Brothers  

6 pm - 6:30 pm : Anthony Retka  (TENT)

6:30 pm - 8pm : Black Jake & the Carnies

8 pm - 9:15 pm : Bigfoot Buffalo (TENT)

9:15 pm - 10:15 pm : Brett Mitchell & the Giant Ghost


 10:35 - Midnightish : Brett Mitchell & the Giant Ghost


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Barbarossa Brothers

Americana, folk rock


'A unique blend of harmony-laden Americana, folk-rock and knee-slapping, acoustic-driven fun' -John Sinkevics, WYCE's Local Spins

As a duo of Resonator guitar and cajon drum, Drew Pentkowski and Loren Kranz began sharing songs in the spring of 2012. Soon they sought to expand to a full band with the addition of mutual friend Ryan Fitzgerald on upright bass.
Kranz: "It's just a bunch of old friends playing some original music. I spent the summer in Grand Rapids, living in the same house as Drew, and we did a lot of writing in the backyard garden..."

Bigfoot Buffalo

refreshing tunes with a down home feel


Bigfoot Buffalo is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based band who performs refreshing tunes with a down home feel, and delivers live performances full of energy, passion, and dynamic excitement. The band fuses their musical roots of folk, rock, Americana, jam, funk, bluegrass, blues, and country to form a truly unique sound. The band formed in 2014 under the vision of frontman Kyle Brown. The current members include Kyle Brown on guitar and vocals, Michael Serota on bass, Landon Knoppers on keyboards, and Charlie Merkel on drums & vocals. Their repertoire ranges from upbeat jamgrass-inspired tunes to melancholy ballads; from reinvented covers to dynamic psychedelic escapades. Dubbed “an eclectic jam band” with “powerful songs” by John Sinkevics (Local Spins), they released their self-titled debut LP in August of 2015 and a follow-up live EP titled “Thanks Y’all” in July 2016. The band has performed in venues and festivals across Michigan and the midwest alongside both local and national acts. 

Brett Mitchell & The Giant Ghost


Brett Mitchell is one of Michigan's most promising singer/songwriters, a sincere 30 yr. old who adroitly incorporates pop and rock elements from the past into impressive, rootsy, and catchy songs. -John Sinkevics, Grand Rapids Press

Mitchell can swing sweet and soft but he can rock yer socks off, too. He's the post-modern Georgia O'Keeffe of rock n' roll. –Bo White

Compared to the likes of Marshall Crenshaw, and with a talented backing band, the giant GHOST, (Mitchell gives) honest, insightful songwriting buoyed by a great melodic sense. - Wildy’s World

Catch Brett Mitchell & the giant GHOST live for a phenomenal show of originals and the covers that inspired Brett to write.


Black Jake & The Carnies

Black Jake & The Carnies.jpg

Think of a carnival, or indeed a carny, and it’s very likely that images of bearded ladies, mustachioed strongmen, trapeze artists, wolf boys and the like will come flooding into your mind. Add a healthy dash of punk rock and old-timey music, and you have Ypsilanti, MI based Black Jake & the Carnies

Anthony Retka


Detroit-born singer, songwriter, and musician, Anthony Retka, has spent the last fifteen years writing and performing music that has helped etch his place in the Detroit music scene. He has toured the United States with notable stops in Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago and New York. Anthony has independently released four solo studio records and two live solo albums alongside four full-length albums, a live double CD, and multiple EPs and Singles with his band, Tone & Niche.

Sami Mei

Cinema thumbnail.png

Sami Mei is a virtuosic singer/songwriter from the Detroit area with expressive vocals, unique arrangement, and retrospective lyrics. She is passionate about writing, recording, and performing, and has appeared at venues such as the Fox Theater and Madison Square Garden. She has also contributed her talents to many charitable events including Kids Kicking Cancer, Gleaner’s Food Bank, and the BBCC/Youth Action Board. The animated musician beautifully delivers organic vocals, a versatile repertoire, and an engaging stage presence which allows her love for performing and her art to shine.

Emma Guzman

emma guzman 2.jpg

Singer-songwriter Emma Guzman, known cat enthusiast, rumored star child and compelled by unknown forces, has always felt the need to express herself through music. Choosing to spend her time humming melodies and frantically scribbling lyrics in various notebooks and on random scraps of paper, she has quietly amassed a substantial collection of songs. Described by the Detroit Metro Times as a "song writing prodigy" and one of their top 15 artists to watch in 2016, Emma is getting ready to release her second album "Roots" on Backburner Records in 2017.

Bobby Manila

Bobby is singer/songwriter influenced by everything from fleetwood mac, hole, smashing pumpkins to jim croce.



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